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Professional Account

With enough trading experience, you may be eligible for a professional trading status.



Trade360’s Advanced CrowdTrading Algorithm


Our advanced CrowdTrading algorithm is constantly working in the background, examining trader activity, spotting sharp changes on specific assets, and highlighting them to help you to make better trading decisions.

Each CrowdTrading tool is specially designed to identify different types of trading patterns, based on a large sample of activities performed by Trade360 traders.

 The Live Feed

The Live Feed aggregates Crowd-generated events, in an easy-to-understand live-stream on the right side of the screen.

Events are automatically generated by Trade360’s advanced algorithm, identifying Crowd behaviour that traders should be aware of when making their trading decisions.

The live feed also shows trading signals from 3rd party providers, such as Trading Central.

Trend Spotting

Trade360’s Trend Spotting feature is designed to display Buying or Selling trends on specific assets.

Let’s say, for example, the word on the market is that BMW Motors is launching a new super-safe family car. Twenty minutes ago, 70% of traders opened Buy positions on the BMW Motors CFD. This indicates the Crowd noticed the opportunity to buy in, creating a trend on the asset.

Example: 70% of traders chose SELL, marking a downtrend. However, in the past 20 minutes, 80% of new positions were BUY. The platform recognises this new trend, and highlights it accordingly.

Trend Reversal



A Trend Reversal is when movement on an asset abruptly changes direction.

For example, Apple just launched its new Apple Watch. 82% of the Crowd took note and opened Buy positions, creating an upwards trend. However, the latest news is that Samsung is set to launch a rival to Apple Watch tomorrow. Now the figures reflect the Crowd’s decision to Sell Apple shares, as opposed to the Buying momentum a minute ago, creating a Trend Reversal.

Moving Fast


Moving Fast is a feature that recognises rapid Buy/Sell activity on a specific asset. Moving Fast is based upon the number of quotes on a certain asset within a certain time frame. An asset that’s moving fast is more volatile, seeing bigger and sharper movements in its price.

Example: Crude Oil is currently trading at $47 a barrel. Depending on the outcome of the US Oil Reserves Report, if a large deficit needs to be compensated for there will be a fast movement towards Buying. If the report confirms there are more than enough reserves to keep the country moving, there will be a large movement towards Selling.

Surge in Openings

Surge in Openings is when more Traders than usual choose to open positions on a specific asset, no matter the direction.

Example: The UK’s Monthly Unemployment Rate is reported as higher than expected. This significantly affects the value of the British Pound against other major currencies, especially the US Dollar. The subsequent downtrend causes extreme Buy/Sell activity on the GBP. The Live Feed recognises this movement and displays it as a Surge.

Growth in Trading

The Growth in Trading tool allows you to view the volume being traded on a specific asset.

Example: Yahoo just announced they will be selling their interest in Chinese mega-company AliBaba, in favor of buying into AOL.

With AliBaba’s IPO still fresh in traders’ minds, it is considered to be a Hot Asset. The Live Feed notices a 300% increase in the value of AliBaba stock over the past 30 minutes.

As a result, 70% of CrowdTraders choose to open larger positions on the asset.

Going Up

Going Up is a feature that shows an uptrend on a specific asset.

Example: In the last 2 hours, the rumour on the market is that Walmart has just completed negotiations with the Tesco Group to buy 200 underperforming retail locations.

No press release has been announced yet, but the Crowd sees this, and recommends keeping an eye on the asset. As a result of increased interest from the Crowd, the asset’s rate goes UP, creating a possible uptrend.

Going Down

Going Down is technically the opposite of an uptrend.

Example: social media giant Facebook just announced its Profile Security System has fallen victim to a DDoS attack, resulting in millions of compromised user profiles, later distributed onto the black market.

Profile security is a big selling point for Facebook and a breach of this magnitude could cause users all over the world to lose confidence in the company and close their user profiles.

The Crowd recognises the shift and would recommend opening a Sell position. The Crowd’s recommendation and actions drag the rate of the asset DOWN, creating a possible downtrend.

Trading incurs a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your capital.