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Professional Account

With enough trading experience, you may be eligible for a professional trading status.


Online Trading Platform

*Available for both Windows and Mac

Trade360’s Exclusive Crowdfeed TM

Exclusive to Trade360, the latest version of our platform is designed to cater to traders’ needs—relevant real-time market information.

Trade360 understands that traders do not operate in a vacuum. They trade with one another. Knowing what other traders are doing in real-time is the ultimate edge.

A trader’s dream is now a reality thanks to Trade360’s CrowdFeed TM.

Use our platform to observe aggregate statistics based on the activities taken by Trade360 traders, detailing products (CFDs), volume and even positioning of other traders.

The feed also features major economic indicators and how traders are positioning themselves ahead of the releases.


Advanced Charting

The platform includes next generation charting capabilities. Whether you prefer moving averages or oscillators Trade360 has you covered.
Finding and marking support and resistance levels has never been easier with our wide variety of built-in drawing tools.


Swift Order Entry

Trade360 understands the importance of speed to our traders’ success. Our interface features one click trading with large buttons so you can enter positions quickly without suffering from a fat finger.

Controlling your risk with stop loss and take profit orders is simple and effective.


Need Help? No Problem

Asking a question about the market or the platform has never been easier with our integrated LiveChat.

Simply click the icon, type your question and a member of our trained customer support team will address your query in real-time within the platform itself.

Trading incurs a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your capital.