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Professional Account

With enough trading experience, you may be eligible for a professional trading status.


What is CrowdTrading?

Trade360 represents an evolutionary leap in online trading: the first platform powered by the “Wisdom of the Crowd,” as none other than Aristotle described it.

You’ve probably heard the phrase a million times. The idea that the collective knowledge of a large group of individuals tends to be more accurate than that of a single expert is at the core of democracy, science, statistics and business.

Now you can apply it to your personal trading – easily, efficiently and enjoyably.

You’ll leverage the four key criteria that comprise the superior decision-making ability of groups of your peers: diversity, independence, decentralization and aggregation.

Our cutting-edge algorithm monitors and analyses the trading positions and movements of a wide cross-section of international traders.

Our unique Live Feed then displays the percentages of people who have chosen to buy or sell an asset at any given moment, over a range of time periods. This is the data that gives you the insight to seize the moment and profit from the mass momentum.

Go with the flow… or buck the trend.
Feel the pull of the pack… or trust your gut.

Either way, you’ll now be able to make confident, timely and better-informed trading decisions, only with Trade360.

Trading incurs a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your capital.