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Professional Account

With enough trading experience, you may be eligible for a professional trading status.






CrowdTrading is a brand new way for everyone to enjoy Online Trading. It’s all about putting big data in the hands of the people – not the bankers and brokers.

Since ancient times, we’ve known that large groups of people have a big advantage over individuals – even so-called experts – when it comes to predictions. If a bunch of people are trying to guess the number of coins in a jar, the average of all their estimates is the best guide there is. It’s called the wisdom of crowds.

Trade360 has taken this idea and made it work for Online Trading. At the core of the platform is our unique Live Feed, which analyzes the activities taken by Trade360 traders on CFDs in order to see how they behave as a crowd. Each box is a different Crowd Event that you can click on to explore, before you open a Trade.

The Live Feed shows hot new trends just as they’re starting, as well as how many people are buying and selling an asset right now. These trends are money-making opportunities. You can go along with the majority – or go the other way, as you wish.

Let’s say Google has just announced a cool new app – plenty of people will want to BUY their stocks. The price of the CFD will then likely rise with this high demand – up to a point, of course! Using Crowd data, you can predict how long that upward momentum will continue. You open a BUY position, then turn it to SELL when you think the wave is peaking.


The Live Feed is constantly updated – so you can see what everyone is doing. Other Traders see the momentum and get in on it, driving it forward, until the pendulum starts to swing the other way, and they start selling. But you have the overview. You’re in control. When the numbers change, you’re right there watching it happen – and you can take action.

There are all kinds of Crowd Events to watch out for. You’ll learn about them when you start your training.


With Trade360, you can finally start getting your piece of the action. We’re looking forward to working with you!


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Trading incurs a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your capital.