CrowdTrading - Breaking Down the Wall

Trade360’s unique CrowdTrading algorithms constantly scan our list of assets, gauging the activity and spotting irregularities. The output appears alongside the trading platform in an easy-to-understand stream of events describing trading activity and informing the user of:

Trade360's web platform with events calendar

How to Trade the Crowd

new trends icon

New Trends

Based on a market event, traders begin opening new buy/sell positions, generating a new trend. CrowdFeed’s Trend Spotting feature will immediately identify the new trend and alert the user.

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Rapid Activity

CrowdFeed constantly measures the volume of buys and sells on an asset over a specified time period. It notifies the user of a change in volume and/or volatility.

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Surge In Position

A sudden surge in buys or sells usually indicates an expectation on the part of traders ahead of an announcement. CrowdTraders can stay on top of the crowd with this valuable information.

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Trend Reversal

CrowdFeed constantly measures the volume of buys and sells on an asset over a specified time period. It notifies the user of a change in volume and/or volatility.

Trade360 trading platform, with examples of stocks, indices and currencies

What is CrowdTrading?

Trade360’s CrowdTrading environment is comprised of two main elements: CrowdFeed, a live, real-time feed of market events, and our sentiment indicator that shows how the masses of online traders are reacting.

CrowdFeed is a live feed showing major market events and ongoing asset-related trends. Each event includes buy/sell percentages for an asset plus information comparing the current market action with the norm.

Irregularities are highlighted, enabling the trader to immediately see the event and evaluate its cause and outcome. Additionally, our unique CrowdTrading Sentiment Indicator appears alongside each asset, gauging the buys and sells in the system at any given moment.

Trade360 mobile platform, examples of currencies and stocks

Why trade the Crowd?

Over the history of financial markets access to them has often been limited. Online trading has changed that by providing access to the retail trader.
Today, anyone with an internet connected device – mobile or desktop – can access the information that drives the markets and trade independently. And as with all things innovative, the technology tends to first isolate people before it begins to unite them.

If before, the growing number of online traders lacked the momentum to drive market trends, their budding consolidation is now re-establishing an efficient marketplace – one that is driven by an informed and influential public.

And, if social trading provided the roots of that consolidation, CrowdTrading is now placing the Wisdom of the Crowd at your fingertips, so that you too can become an influencing member of the Trade360 community.


Crowd Tech Ltd has temporarily suspended the opening of new trading accounts. Existing trading account holders will continue to be serviced. Please note that Crowd Tech Ltd no longer collaborates with Athena Investments Dom Maklerski S.A. (AIDM) as its Tied Agent in Poland

RISK WARNING: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 70.06% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with Trade360. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Learn more about managing risks.